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MedTech DIY is ongoing @FabLab Luzern, HSLU

We are happy to have the third round of our Winterschool on MedTech DIY, hosted in the FabLab Luzern, HSLU. A group of 26 students from different backgrounds are spending 6 days of prototyping, experimenting, sharing and learning together to explore creative approaches to medical technologies using DIY methodologies and the fablab infrastructures of 3D-printers, laser-cutters and other tools and materials.

See more about the MedTech DIY Winterschool on the wiki.

The sedond day of the Winterschool is celebrated with a concert by Simon Berz, creating sounds from stones more than a million years old

We have a range of tools available to explore the human body, such as the home-brew electrophysiology kits by Backyard Brains, to read EMG, ECG and more using the Arduino platform. This year we explored further methods of accoustically “listening” to body functions with self-made stethoscopes and audio amplifiers.

Simple stethoscopes made from rubberbands, balloons, and plastic tubing

For the third iteration of this course, we have reflected deeply on our methodologies and tried to reframe the learning goals in more detail.

Do we really reach our learning goals with the students?

And as usual we had Greg Gage from Backyard Brains video-conferencing in to respond to student ideas and questions.

Thanks for taking time at your early morning breakdast and giving us the tools to survive the upcoming zombie apocalypse!

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