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DIY Microscope Workshop – BAFU Kadertagung

Hackteria was invited to hold a workshop (27. November 2019) at the conference of the federal office for environment’s (FOEN also known as BAFU) annual CEO meeting. As a collaboration of Maya Minder (GFB) and Felix Bänteli ( we have introduced various regional educational community efforts that work on the digital-, food-, media- and bio-technology literacy in Switzeland and giving an insight into DIY practice and DIWO values.

Classic laser-cut stage of the “Mayascope”

Through the format of building DIY microscopes at the workshop we showed some examples of bottom up hacking in policy making, faster and stronger community building and open source hardware making. The main keyword was unlearning, grassroots, hacking and citizen science.

Loads of stuff on our table!

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