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Podcast: “Art meets biohacking” with Yashas and Sachiko

A recent podcast with Yashas and Sachiko, produced by Pro Helvetia’s Initiative on «Art, Science and Technology». See more on their website.

Art meets biohacking

In this episode, Indian artist Yashas Shetty and Japanese bioengineer Sachiko Hirosue share a dialogue on their interest in critical territories where science intersects with society. They discuss the Scientist-in-Residency programme as well as bio-design and the Hackteria project on which they both collaborated. Their work together aims to understand and explore the artistic, social and political implications of technologies, creating spaces of dialogue and interaction between artists, designers and scientists.

Indian artist Yashas Shetty founded Hackteria back in 2009, together with Marc Dusseiller and Andy Gracie. Hackteria is a repository for Open Source Biohacking material, accessible to both scientists and artists. Pro Helvetia supported Yashas Shetty’s research trip to Switzerland in 2013, to continue his collaboration with Marc Dusseiller and the International Hackteria Society.

Sachiko Hirosue is a bioengineer, primarily interested in critical territories where science intersects with society. In practice, this translates to creating alternative spaces in dominant cultures to approach science and technology differently. In 2014, Dr. Sachiko Hirosue took part in HLab14, a project funded by Pro Helvetia. It was an immersive collaborative production workshop of interdisciplinary Swiss artistic research, bringing together artists, researchers, educators, and designers to work on issues of the local environment in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Additional links: 
The Biodesign for the real world Project 
Sciences de la Vie Department at the EPFL (where Dr. Sachiko Hirosue used to work)

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