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BOOK RELEASED: Reflections on HackteriaLab 2014 – Yogyakarta

You can find it on Synopsis Reflections on HackteriaLab 2014 – YogyakartaCitizen science has long contributed to the health of local communities by making people aware of their environment in the form  of oral histories and traditional wisdom. Recently, international open source and maker movements have been actively engaging with the life sciences to […]

Podcast: “Art meets biohacking” with Yashas and Sachiko

A recent podcast with Yashas and Sachiko, produced by Pro Helvetia’s Initiative on «Art, Science and Technology». See more on their website. Art meets biohacking In this episode, Indian artist Yashas Shetty and Japanese bioengineer Sachiko Hirosue share a dialogue on their interest in critical territories where science intersects with society. They discuss the Scientist-in-Residency […]

Hackteria @ Bio Art Hangout Kitchen Series with IOTA and INCUBATOR Art Lab

It was a pleasure to join the fourth Bio Art Hangout Kitchen Series  invited by IOTA Institute and INCUBATOR Art Lab and share some most recent experiences of setting up a new Open Science Lab in Zürich and have a collective lab tour together with the artists and researchers, Jennifer Willet and her crew in Windsor, Canada. […]

Digital Brainstorming PodCast “Bio-Hacking: Do-it-yourself Biologie für jeden”

Last week we were invited for a recording of a discussion round, moderated by Dominik Landwehr, as part of their blog and podcast Digital Brainstorming, Platform für Digitale Kultur und Medien, by Migros Kulturprozent. He invited us, to have some updated discussions after collaborating and being funded by them since 2009. Where did the biohacking […]

Rüdiger discusses DIY biology at the German Bundestag, September 2016

See the full video here Öffentliches Fachgespräch “Synthetische Biologie, Genome Editing, Biohacking – Herausforderungen der neuen Gentechnologie” Die synthetische Biologie ist die nächste Stufe der Gentechnik und eine Schlüsseltechnologie für die Bioökonomie. Im Auftrag des Ausschusses hatte das Büro für Technikfolgenabschätzung (TAB) im Jahr 2016 bereits einen Bericht zur Synthetischen Biologie vorgelegt. In der Synthetischen […]

Report on Synbio and Biohacking to the German Bundestag

A 300 pages report has just been submitted to the German Bundestag, technology assesments and future developments around synthetic biology. Interestingly it has a hole chapter which deeply describes the role of DIY biology, biohacking and it’s roots in the early works of bioart. Thanks to Rüdiger Trojok for finding and writing such strong arguments […]

Bürgerwissenschaft: Die Entdeckung der Amateure – Article in NZZ, 4.12.2015

In an article by Angelika Jacobs just published in NZZ, Neue Züricher Zeitung, she goes through various aspects of citizen science, from “mechanical turks” as we exploit in various click-gamified projects like Galaxy Zoo or smart phones apps applied to local someimes illitersate communities for biodiversity monitoring by the extreme citizen science group. Furthermore she […]

“Prototype pour science ouverte” by D. Kera in MCD#79

The recent edition of MCD#79 – Nouveaux récits du climat, invited editors Ewen Chardronnet and Julien Bellanger, has now been published in French, stay tuned for the English version. It showcase a collection of articles on topics of climate and art, the anthroposcene and activism by invited authors such as Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Donna Haraway, […]