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Hackteria @ Bio Art Hangout Kitchen Series with IOTA and INCUBATOR Art Lab

It was a pleasure to join the fourth Bio Art Hangout Kitchen Series  invited by IOTA Institute and INCUBATOR Art Lab and share some most recent experiences of setting up a new Open Science Lab in Zürich and have a collective lab tour together with the artists and researchers, Jennifer Willet and her crew in Windsor, Canada. During the second part of the live-stream Marc Dusseiller gave a brief history of the beginnigs of hackteria and the establishment of a global network, which in contrast has always been a very mobile and connected programme of temporary “laboratory” activities outside the established walls of institutions, in the djungles of Indonesia or beaches of Okinawa.

Meta OBS geeking with the video streaming team

Visit IOTA’s youtube channel to view the recorded stream from Thursday April 1 2021.

Thx to Mireille and Amanda for making this happen!
See also our recent interaction during rC3 with IOTA.

(the captions might be sometimes funny)

And thanks to chvoc, Swiss Chaos Video Operations Center, for local support with streaming tech!

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