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Global Lamp residency – Yogya meets Yaoundé with Stephane Fadanka June 2023

In a third Phase of international exchange within the GlobaLAMP project, Collaborative Development of Isothermal Amplification & Devices, funded by a GOSH grant through the Sloan Foundation, we are happy to have enabled a research visit of Stephane Fadanka, Mboalab (Younde, Cameroon), to Yogyakarta, Indonesia, to collaborate with Akbar Nur Arofattulah, UGM / Widya Life Science. See discussion on the GOSH forum.

Stephane and workshop participants, Center for Biotechnology Studies, Gadjah Mada University

The 3 weeeks residency took part during the month of June 2023, and Stephane was able to work with various reserarchers and cultural practioners in the thriving art &science scene of Yogyakarta. He was hosted at Lifepatch – citizen initiative in art, science and technology, interacted with students from UGM, agricultural microbiology departement, and developed new protocolls together with the researchers at Widya Life science. You find more information of the residency and the preparations on the hackteria wiki.

Stephane with the researchers at Widya Life Science

Testimonial by Stephane Fadanka
In a world where creativity fuels innovation, opportunities to live a transformative journey that opens doors to a galaxy of possibilities, fostering creativity, innovation, and personal growth are more than necessary and welcome but yet very rare. Highlighting the increasingly recognized interplay between art and science, the third phase of the Global Lamp residency program in Yogyakarta in Indonesia, enabled more than just a convergence of two seemingly distinct disciplines, but a blending of collaborative creations, cultures and profound human experiences;

Stephane and Muzeian making printed circuit boards at Lifepatch

Blending Art and Science
At LifePatch, the host of this remarkable residency program, artists and scientists converge in a harmonious union, dismantling the traditional barriers that frequently isolate these distinct realms. This fusion of artistic expression with scientific inquiry generates dynamic collaborations that yield enrichment for both fields. The resulting synergy has the potential to generate pioneering projects that seamlessly bridge the gap between art and science. During my stay at LifePatch, I was not only immersed in this interdisciplinary synergy, engaging with fellow residents from various parts of the world but I also had the privilege to delve into the immersive artistic sphere of Yogyakarta. This vibrant city, renowned for its rich cultural heritage and thriving art scene, provided an inspiring backdrop for my creative exploration.

Read the full reflections here

GLobalLamp Preparatory Activities

During the preparations of the residency, Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr, was doing a series of workshops and organisational admin to enable the visit and prepare for various collaborations.

Open Fluorescence Meter Workshop at UGM / Department of Agricultural Microbiology

See more about the workshop here and the documentation of all the related activities in the hackteria wiki

TUAK residency in Tuban, East Java

Additional Marc also had the opportunity for a short residency, TUAK residensi, in Tuban, East Java, to collaborate with the people from WAFT-Lab and Prewangan Studio. This later lead to further collaboration and a residency of Helmi Hardian in Switzeland in August 2023.

Helmi kappeler.jpg
Helmi Hardian visits GaudiLabs in Luzern

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