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Hackteria X Why ZET

Workshops, Discussions, Fanzines and Memorabilia

Saturday & Sunday 11 / 12. July 2020

HLabX was a series of residencies and concentrated gatherings of people working transdisciplinary who are interested in creative biological fields and any other areas which intrigue the critical interaction across art and science. It was held over the last 12 months with activities in Taiwan, Indonesia and Switzerland and culminated this April during Oki Wonder Lab in Okinawa, Japan.

We will bring together our global and local collaborators to reflect on the last decade of activities (X), dream about our collaborative futures (Why) and launch our new local programme “Zentrum für Experimentelle Transdisziplinarität” (ZET) with the innauguration of our new OpenScience Lab in the shared hackerspace collective of Bitwäscherei, in the heart of Zürich.
See the continously updated Programme on the wiki.



  • 14:00 Open Doors
  • 15:00 – 17:00 Workshop: Für Spannung Sorgen <<|>> Care for Current!
  • 17:30 – 20:00 Talks followed by Open Discussions (mit anschliessender Schlägerei)
  • 20:00 Live Radio Stream from Bangalore and Opening of the Bar
  • 21:00 Sound Performances & BioAudioVisual Jam Session


  • 12:00 Open Brunch and Food Experiments
  • 15:00 – 17:00 Workshop: Hormone Extraction Action: Workshop on Biohacking and Gynepunk by Mary Maggic (Language: English)


Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr (Switzerland)
Dominic Mahnic (Slovenia)
Urs Gaudenz / GaudiLabs (Switzerland)
Maya Minder (Switzerland)
Julian Chollet (Germany)
Akvilė Paukštytė (Lithuania)
Felix Bänteli (Switzerland)
Lifepatch (Indonesia)
Kaspar König (Niederlande / Switzerland)
Baggenstos/Rudolf (Switzerland)
Shih Wei Chieh aka Abao (Taiwan)
Citra Kirana (Indonesia)
Roland Fischer (Switzerland)
Wolfgang Spahn (Germany)
Alessandro Crimi (Switzerland)
Corinna Mattner (Switzerland)
Andreas Siagian aka ucok (Indonesia)
Kaspar König (Niederlande / Switzerland)
BadLab (Global)
“Sheri” Shih Hui Chang (Taiwan)
Ewen Chardronnet (France)
Toru Ryu Oyama (Japan)
Mary Maggic (USA/Austria)
Patric Kaufmann aka ASIC (Switzerland)
Adam Zaretzky (United States)

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