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ハクテリア 合宿 – Oki Wonder Lab – Spring 2020

After months of preparations, tours through Taiwan and Yogyakarta for planning sessions, physical meet-ups, virtual collaborations and raising some funds, we are happy to announce the upcoming Hackteria lab to be held on the island of Okinawa, Japan, this spring. Main activities scheduled from 25. March – 15. April, with possibilities for longer stay, presentation in Tokyo and/or research or further dissemination trip to Taipei.
See the wiki for more information, constantly being updated.


ハクテリア 合宿 – Oki Wonder Lab is a concentrated gathering of people working transdisciplinary who are interested in creative biological fields and any other areas which intrigue the critical interaction across art and science. In the past, Hackteria has been organising both carefully planned and/or spontaneous activities. The HackteriaLabs have been providing vessels which create international networks and potential collaboration to emerge and flourish. HackteriaLab’s main focus always has been on theprocess of interaction between creative people, between professionals and amateurs, providing a stimulant for collaborative processes; for developing new ideas which connect and embrace the cultural diversities of the participants; and to address societal challenges through experiments with DIWO Culture, with material, technique, and nature through hands-on tinkering, curiosity driven research and never ending inquisitiveness .

Continous online discussions

Join the discussions virtually on the Hackteria Forum.

Hosts and Co-ordinators

Our partner @Ryuoyama aka “Toru” has prepared a very interesting and diverse programme over more than 3 weeks, different locations, variable ecosystems, venues and more for us to explore and work together. This events are made possible through loads of engagements of the Global Hackteria Network, sponsors for local venues and co-funded through the “Förderbeitrag” of KulturRaum Schaffhausen.

Overall Schedule

25.3 – 15.4.2020 – Main Activities in Okinawa, different locations

18-25.4.2020 – Dissemination in Tokio and Taipei

June-July 2020 – Dissemination and Showcase in Zürich, Switzerland

Late 2020 – Continuing Research Residency in Slovenia (tbc)

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