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WHAT IS/NOT WORKING  – KUNCI x Hackteria x Lifepatch

*/ Sesi konversasi mengenal kerja bersama

Acara ini berlangsung pada:

  • Hari/Tanggal: Rabu, 23 Oktober 2019
  • Jam: 15:00 – 19:00 WIB
  • Tempat: KUNCI – Study Forum and Collective (
  • Alamat: Jalan Ngadinegaran MJ III/100 Yogyakarta 55143 Indonesia

Organized along with Kunci and lifepatch, the event marks Hackteria’s tenth year as a global network that involves the collaboration of scientists, makers, hackers and artists in exploring new possibilities in bioart, open source hardware/software and experiments with biology, art/science based in various locations. 

Instead of denoting what has been succeeded and how to pursue it, the conversation will explore possibilities of what could enable working together based on Kunci’s, Hackteria’s and lifepatch’s experience. The question ‘what is/not working’ may imply a ceased productivity, and at the same time, may provide opportunities to discover distinct values based on “non-productive” issues.

Speakers dan facilitators:

  • Syafiatudina
  • Marc Dusseiller
  • Agus Budiarto
  • Andreas Siagian
  • Fiky Daulay
  • Toru Oyama
Dina moderates discussion with our guests and summarizes the questions raised

See full description in Bahasa Indonesia and English on the Lifepatch wiki


Timbil presents some memories of friends gone…

Group discussions and raised questions

Small group break-out discussions – The Freedom Group
Group discussions continue in various places during preperation of food
Final summary and reflection during dinner

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