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Biohack Retreat Klöntal – Switzerland 2017


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Biohack Retreat Klöntal 2017 – Sep 20-24

In cooperation with, the artist Maya Minder invites people from the international biohacker networks to stay in the Klöntal (Alpine valley in the Canton of Glarus, Switzerland). Scientists, hackers and artists meet for the development of ideas and open exchange. Biohacking is an open science movement that tries to make science more accessible through a playful approach to biology and the life sciences. Public workshops in the temporary laboratory provide insights into the subject matter. Under the guidance, simple Do-It-Yourself lab devices are built and speculated by experimenting with living organisms and food via alternative bio- and food technologies. This has partly utopian potential, in contrast to commercially motivated research and offers easy access to complex research topics.

Transdisciplinary, Intercultural and Global
The Biohack Retreat Klöntal offers the opportunity to participate in a 5-day retreat with field trips and workshops and to enjoy the best company. Choose with your support a shorter or longer stay with food and accommodation in the fantastic and idyllic alpine valley of Klöntalersee.

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Sep 20-24, 2017 – Retreat @ Klöntal

Sep 26, 2017 – Klöntal goes Dock18, Zürich

(Sep 25-27, 2017) – Documentation Sprint, Zurich


Biohack Retreat Klöntal is part of the Klöntal Triennale 2017 and a collaboration between Gasthaus: Fermentation and Bacteria (Maya Minder) and Hackteria | Open Source Biological Art (Marc Dusseiller).

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  1. Nathi on Friday 15, 2017

    Hello Biohackers in Copanhagen ! That is great that you are having that event today! Do not forget to share with us hear in South Africa some of the latest biohacking trends you come across this year. Cheers enjoy the hackteria experiance

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