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(Art)ScienceBLR Open House with PCR Workshop

As part of the (Art)ScienceBLR Open House at the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, everyone is busy getting ready for the Open House this Saturday.

In the morning, Sachiko will run a Do-It-Yourself DNA Copy Machine (polymerase chain reaction = PCR) workshop.

Throughout the day, there will be –

kombucha-making in the kitchen lab by mixologist Dholy (Lifepatch)
cocomake7 with Iyok (Lifepatch)
documentation videos by Nopel (Lifepatch) of Lajur 14, (Art)ScienceBLR and
generic lab equipment made and used in (Art)ScienceBLR
sound and home-made synths by The I.S.R.O.
and more…
If you are in Bangalore, come visit (details how to get here).

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