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Single-nucleotide polymorphism workshop by Špela Petrič

Location: New BioTehna Lab

Date: 21. & 22.2.2013

Nowadays when the technology for DNA mapping is rapidly evolving and the prices for decoding the human genome are falling drastically each year, we are facing the situation where this procedure will become an every day routine when visiting our doctor ambulance. How far and reliable the DNA portrait can foresee our life and how fluent we are in reading the code of four symbols? You will get the insight in the basics of molecular biology at the workshop when every participant will decipher his/her own DNA fingerprint from his/her own saliva. The result? You will meet yourself as never before! You will be able to read about your genetic predispositions for socializing and empty from the script for the oxitocine receptor.

Protocolls and documentation can be found on the wiki

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