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BioTehna Lab reloading

We are more than happy to bring you some news about the BioTehna Lab. We started to rebuild the old laboratory to give it some life and new proportions. There is still a lot of work to do, but we are heading toward our main goal to have a vital place to work on some biological/artish/DIY/DIWO projects and workshops. Lab is being done in collaboration between Kapelica Gallery, Hackteria and Cyberpipe and is placed as before in “aquarius” of Cyberpipe, place for all kinds of hackers and geeks.

We have cleaned the space, add some new drawers, closets, counter and some desks. Some useful parts of the old lab will still be there and some will go to out small warehouse. BioTehna Lab is rising…. 🙂

“step by step to BioTehna 2.0”

From the re:design and renovation of BioTehna Lab. Posted by Galerija Kapelica / Kapelica Gallery on 2/21/2013 (10 items)

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