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BioTehna at Sajeta festival

In the idyllic place, near the small city of Tolmin, there is a perfect place for festivals. Every year there are several festivals going on (MetalCamp, River Reggae Splash,…) and one of them is Festival Sajeta, where experimental music is met. And now, bio-hacking is part of it 🙂 We are doing some simple stuff. […]


BioTehna is an open platform for interdisciplinary and artistic research on life sciences and a series of public workshops, each mentored by expert/s in a specific scientific field. The initiative started as a collaboration of hackteria | Open Source Biological Art and Kapelica Gallery. BioTehna Laboratory The BioTehna Lab is a place where we ignite […]

Single-nucleotide polymorphism workshop by Špela Petrič

Location: New BioTehna Lab Date: 21. & 22.2.2013 Nowadays when the technology for DNA mapping is rapidly evolving and the prices for decoding the human genome are falling drastically each year, we are facing the situation where this procedure will become an every day routine when visiting our doctor ambulance. How far and reliable the […]

BioTehna Lab reloading

We are more than happy to bring you some news about the BioTehna Lab. We started to rebuild the old laboratory to give it some life and new proportions. There is still a lot of work to do, but we are heading toward our main goal to have a vital place to work on some […]