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Hackteria’s Hagen Lectures 2012

Lectures, Saturday 14. April 2012

After an evening of molten cheese eating-frenzy, we continue into the night with a series of spontaneous un-conference like lectures on topics choosen by the people present.

Marc Dusseiller (host)
Sachiko Hirosue
Urs Gaudenz, GaudiLabs
Denisa Kera, DIYbio Singapore,, “fMRI scans & DNA data”
Alejo Duque (maybe remote ?… didn’t work…)
Effi Tanner, Esotronics, “Why I stopped killing rats”
Rüdiger Trojok, iGEM/DIYbio Freiburg, will present some thoughts about the FBI in the DIYbio scene and the BioHacker’s Code of Conduct
more tba…

Remote participants
hagen_terraformedDue to the fact, that some people will not be able to be physically present, we are happy to have some virtual participants joining us over skype. Expected online visitors are Andy Gracie, co-founder of, who is currently busy with his own experiments on space exploration and astrobiology, he will talk about the ethics and practice of artificial selection and selective breeding, with examples from the drosophila; Furthermore we expect Andrew Gryf Paterson (Sat 15-17h) from Pixelversity, will talk about Trashlab and birch sap live from Aalto Media Factory in Finland; another intersting skype discussion was also established with Thomas Landrain la paillasse, the bio-hackerspace in Paris, situated in the /tmp/lab, who presented some thoughts about the DIYbio european involvement with the FBI and long discussions about how to run a space, get an active community, collaborate with university labs/institutions, while keeping the free spirit and hacker’s community engaged; Brian Degger, who is active in the Newcastle Makerspace on playful bioexperimentation; Yashas Shetty, if he cant make it in time, hihihi, and hopefully some more…

Hackteria Network Meeting, Sunday 15. April 2012
hagen_lectures_foodA year after the foundation of a legal and registered “International Hackteria Society” with seat in Zurich, its about time to sit down together, do some voting and fix the constitution. Physically present will be Sachiko Hirosue, Urs Gaudenz, Marc Dusseiller, (maybe) Yashas Shetty and virtually Andy Gracie. While the society is purely a legal pot for organizing events and administration of finances, the growing network of active people in the hackteria framework will be informed about the current situation.

Other Activities, 12. – 16. April 2012
Tropical fruit fermentation workshop / remote live from Yogyakarta, Friday 13. April afternoon
The new initiative recently founded in Indonesia does a workshop on fermentation “Survive Fermented!”

Birch Tree Tapping
tree_Tapping_dusjagrThanks to our inspiration from Finland, we were trying to tap some of the birch trees around the house, all with live stream to aalto media factory in helsinki. Interesting links sent were the birchboys and a great instruction by the university of alaska on scientific Birch-Tree-Tapping. After long discussion on the ethics of tree tapping, we still decided to give it a try

Forest Tagging
Some experiments on moss grafitti to label trees in the surrounding forest and spraying our neighbours house…

Late Night Fluorescent Foraging Workshop
Equipped with some hindi chanting boxes we are exploring the neighborhood forestfloor with the help of a fluorescent lamp. After a very successful detection and tasting session of small fluorescent earthworms, we went back to the warm and safe environment of the hut.

The Art of Gilbing
see more general info about Gilbing on fbook.


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