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hackteria @ POC Diagnostics Workshop, Kenya

POC_Kenya_find_presentationBeing invited to the Point-of-Care Diagnostics Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya, we had a unique opportunity to present various activities around the hackteria framework and related activities in the field of biohacking, bioart, DIYbio. Very interesting speakers both from Kenya and internationally presented research prototype for low-cost diagnostics to be applied specifically for developing countries and tropical diseases. Examples of successful implementation of new tests for sleeping sickness (HAT, Human African tryponosomiasis have been presented by Joseph Ngund’u from FIND. Most interesting seemed the LAMP technology, loop-mediated isothermal amplification, similar but much cheaper than PCR related methods, no need for a thermocycler, and it gives you an easy to read color change.

Hands-on Workshops at IPR, Institute for Primate Research
POC_Kenya_jason_blood_sortingUnlike in many other scientific conferences, we had a very strong focus on hands-on workshops, trying to get more experience in using the prototypes in a realistic setting and introducing them into the local scientific community. More than 15 projects had been presented in parallel during two days of workshop sessions, such as manufacturing of paper-baser microfluidic devices, simple water quality measurement e. coli detection using paper strips, blood seperation using an egg-beater, detection of parasites with LAMP, separation of parasites in whole blood sample using a PDMS µFluidic device and many more.


From Hackteria @ POC Workshop, Kenya, posted by Marc Dusseiller Dusjagr on 6/27/2012 (16 items)

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