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dusjagr joins lifepatch for Workshop-Tour in Japan – Feb 2017

Finally it’s time to spread some tardigrade crazyness to Japan! It’s happening, dusjagr joins Lifepatch for a series of workshops “Rumah dan Halaman”, with Andreas, Ade and Dholy, during February 2017, mostly hosted in Tokyo at ICC, co-organized through Japan Foundation, and visits to YCAM, BioClub, FabCafe Tokyo and Loftwork, and hopefully many more interesting […]

3D-Printing & Tempeh fermentasi with lab311 @ Sanata Dharma

Another great gathering in Yogyakarta, bringing together friends from lifepatch and the Berlin Biohacker, Rüdiger Trojok, with our partners from lab311, Prof. Kwanwoo Shin and his students from Sogang University, Seoul, for doing a workshop on 3D printing and a bit of tempeh fermentation, during a workshop hosted at Sanata Dharma University, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. […]

Chrisper-Chäsli Workshop @Gasthaus, Zürich

Workshop Sa. 7. January 2016 – Introduction In collaboration with Maya Minder as part of Gasthaus – Fermentation and Bacteria, we are hosting a day of discussions and hands-on experiments bridging topics of traditional fermentation (cheese making) and modern biotech tools of gene-editing (eg. the CRISPR-Cas9 system). Chrisper-Chäsli is an attempt to demystify the current […]