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3D-Printing & Tempeh fermentasi with lab311 @ Sanata Dharma

UDS_3dprinting_posterAnother great gathering in Yogyakarta, bringing together friends from lifepatch and the Berlin Biohacker, Rüdiger Trojok, with our partners from lab311, Prof. Kwanwoo Shin and his students from Sogang University, Seoul, for doing a workshop on 3D printing and a bit of tempeh fermentation, during a workshop hosted at Sanata Dharma University, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This is just the beginning of a long term collaboration between the Korean and Indonesian science teaching and appropriate edu-tech development and hopefully we gonna see more collaboration with the local active communities soon.

3D-Printing Workshop
Our friends from Seoul are building two 3D-Printers together with the local students, simple and fast assembly of delta-style printer. Seems it’s already working after the first day. And after another day of introducing 3D design the whole group will continue to share their skills with a local high-school and kick-off more printing mania everywhere.

Tempeh fermentasi and recipe&microbe sharing
In parallel Rüdiger is preparing some recipe-and-microbe-sharing post-cards for a global mail collaboration between the local students and future recipients of the cards in Germany. And what’s the best yogya recipe using microbial fermentation? YES! Tempeh!!!


More about the tempeh fungi and recipe sharing can be found here.

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