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dusjagr joins lifepatch for Workshop-Tour in Japan – Feb 2017

Finally it’s time to spread some tardigrade crazyness to Japan!

It’s happening, dusjagr joins Lifepatch for a series of workshops “Rumah dan Halaman”, with Andreas, Ade and Dholy, during February 2017, mostly hosted in Tokyo at ICC, co-organized through Japan Foundation, and visits to YCAM, BioClub, FabCafe Tokyo and Loftwork, and hopefully many more interesting and curious people to meet!

Old notes on interesting initiatives in Japan on the wiki.

Visit to YCAM, discussions with the Bio Research team

Spanduk_ycamThe first day, we directly flew to Yamaguchi to meet with the people from YCAM, Yamaguchi Center for Art and Media, an amazing and huge institution focusing on art & tech, and also started a “Bio Research” initiative. I remember meeting them on the virtual channels of the 2015 edition of HTGAA. Great discussions and presentations from Ito san and Tsuda san on their experiences with booting up a biolab. After some great sushi Chiaki, carrot artist based in Tokyo, introduced her experiences as a co-founder of BioCluburu. Looking forward to visit, and hope to come to Yamaguchi again!

Dusjagr’s presentation:

Workshop Schedule at ICC, Tokyo

8Bit MixTape – Saturday, 4. Feb @ ICC

Our collaborative “claaaassiiic!” 8Bit Mixtape, Lifepatch Edition 0.9. More info can be found on our github.

mixTape_Workshop8-bit Mixtape is an open source project on building arduino compatible synthesizer using the “Algorithmic symphonies from one line of code”, or more known as “1 line C music”. The project initiated by Marc Dusseiller -dusjagr (CH), Budi Prakosa – manticore, (ID). and Andreas Siagian – squaresolid, (ID). from a geeking session at lifepatch Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 2013. It was started as a collaboration to create a pocket-size synthesizer that able to generate and modify “1 line C music” with a simple interface which allowed any user to play it and use it in a live performance.

8-bit Mixtape originally developed using the Babygnusbuino from Anyma, a ridiculously small arduino using ATtiny85. Despite it’s limited functionalities, ATtiny85 was considered suitable for this project. It’s also relatively cheap and reliable for the simple interface of 8-bit Mixtape. Mainly the interface of 8-bit Mixtape is using two potentiometers and two buttons to control live the 1 line C music.

Rana Cahaya – Sunday, 5. Feb @ ICC

Swakriya Citra Maya is a workshop highlighting the image in the form of a shadow image. This workshop invites participants to create a simple tool that can be used to create a two-dimensional image of a shadow by highlighting the image of a cell phone. In the science of geometry, the shadow image itself is a virtual image formed by light reflection. Lifepatch developed a kit called Rana Cahaya. Participants in this workshop does not require any special skills to put them together.


Presentations at ICC, Tokyo

Talks and Discussions – Saturday, 11. Feb 3:00pm–5:00pm @ ICC


Guest Artist Talk:
Akihiro Kubota (Professor, Faculty of Art and Design, Tama Art University)

– Introduction about Lifepatch “Rumah dan Halaman” by Minoru Hatanaka
– Presentation about the Lifepatch by Andreas Siagian
– Presentation about the Hackteria by Marc Dusseiller
– Question and comment by Prof. Kubota & Minoru Hatanaka
– Discussion
– Personal technology/Personal Media
– DIY Electronics

Dusjagr’s presentation:

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