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Hackteria field trip & Live/Life AV-Jam Session @ Poolloop, Zürich

Throughout the Poolloop Festival in Zurich, 1.- 7. July 2013, we are setting up a lab for the experimentation at the interface of living materials and audio/visual experimentation. Feel free to join us to explore the sound of microscopic worms, the visual potentials of blood sucking leeches and other playful experiments. There will be laser! […]

Eco-Actions with Brandon Ballengée, BioTehna, Ljubljana and beyond

This week we finished with the first series of “frogology” field trips lead by Brandon Ballengée. The last 5 days, together with various local participants, Brandon went out to the Barija, checking various sites, ponds, lakes, canals in the area around Ig, to investigate the local frog and tadpole populations, checking their physical conditions, wounds, […]

Visit to the Waag’s open wetlab innauguration

From Visit to Waag’s wetlab opening and DIYbio Europe meeting, A’dam. Posted by Marc Dusseiller Dusjagr on 6/25/2013 (22 items) The discussions at the DIYbio Europe meeting are starting… Centralization of self-o… Checking the new open wetlab at Waag. Main initiator is Pieter Van Boheemen. Loads of… Representing the MobileLabs Hackathonians, Biotweaker’s stickers and Bio […]

BioKino and BioVJ, GT22, Maribor

Schedule 14:00 – 19:00 Workshop/Delavnica Naučili se boste predelali LED optična svetila in hackali webkamere za izdelovanje mikroskopov. Uporabljali se bodo analogne in digitalne VJ inštrumenti. Na začetku delavnice se bo zbiralo mikroorganizme, ki se bodo uporabljali skozi celotno delavnico. Sprehod do mestnih vodnih površin/ribnikov. // During the workshop you will learn how to hack […]

MobileLabs Hackathon, daily impressions

This is a daily blogroll on the activities of the MobileLabs Hackathon happening in BioTehna, Ljubljana, from the 10th – 18th of June 2013. Follow the links and the wiki to see more details about the programm, workshops, discussions, field trips and talks. Over NOW: Happened 10-18th of June in the MobileLabs Hackathon @ BioTehna, […]