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Eco-Actions with Brandon Ballengée, BioTehna, Ljubljana and beyond

This week we finished with the first series of “frogology” field trips lead by Brandon Ballengée. The last 5 days, together with various local participants, Brandon went out to the Barija, checking various sites, ponds, lakes, canals in the area around Ig, to investigate the local frog and tadpole populations, checking their physical conditions, wounds, mutations and also screening for their predators in the local ecosystems.

Stay tuned for more activities with Brandon during the last week of August!

The progress of our investigations are documented on the wiki

Innocent Monsters: The Environmentally Sculpted Amphibians of Slovenia

In this transdisciplinary art, biology and eco-educational project the occurrence and meaning of environmentally sculpted amphibians will be investigated. This will done through public field investigations and a resulting BioArt installation exhibited at Kapelica Gallery in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Amphibians are important bio-indicator species that can tell us the condition of local ecosystems, as during development they literarily are sculpted by environmental factors that increasingly leads to deformation.

A public BioArt laboratory will be set up at Kapelica Gallery to explore causes for locally amphibian malformations and several related art workshops will be conducted. As participants will be encouraged to reflect on these field and lab experiences to make their own artworks, writings and sound recordings.

See more info and photos on Kapelica’s website

Boris and Jurij Krpan in da jungle from dusjagr on Vimeo.

During our field trips with Brandon Ballengée we went into the jungles of the Barjia, frogland around Ljubljana. Boris seems to enjoy it!

“Auch als “Amphibien Exkursion” bekannt”

From Frog-Hacking trips with Brandon Ballengée, Slovenia. Posted by Marc Dusseiller Dusjagr on 6/28/2013 (16 items)

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