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MobileLabs Hackathon, daily impressions

IMG_1029This is a daily blogroll on the activities of the MobileLabs Hackathon happening in BioTehna, Ljubljana, from the 10th – 18th of June 2013. Follow the links and the wiki to see more details about the programm, workshops, discussions, field trips and talks.

Over NOW:
Happened 10-18th of June in the MobileLabs Hackathon @ BioTehna, full action hack/make session with Urs Gaudenz, Atrus Fenring, Miha GaPiha, Elizabeth Jane Cole, Sachiko Hirosue, Stefania Druga and many more. Feel free to visit us, the Lab is Open! Recent ideas involve the Wearable Bug Trap T-Shirt, the Mobile Cocktail Bar, the Blacklight Luminescence Detection Hoodie and many more…


18th June, 18h: Artist/Scientist Lectures & BioHacker Talks
We invite you all to join an evening of presentations by the highly interdisciplinary group of participants, who will present their activities.

Sachiko Hirosue (JP/CH), Hackteria / BioDesign.CC
With hackteria partners (Art)ScienceBLR (IN) and Lifepatch (ID), in spring 2013, we have started a collaborative research project BIO-DESIGN for the REAL WORLD. We are interested in analyzing water quality, with open and mobile labs, as a starting point to have conversations on water.

Gjino Šutić (HR), BioTweaking – Zagreb – enhancing life or improving biological organisms on any level,by available means, to exhibit and use their full potential.

Stefania Druga (RO/DE), HacKidemia
HacKidemia is a mobile invention lab for children where they learn by playing and by doing. The goal is to introduce them to hands-on science and rapid prototyping and work on projects for the community: building solar panels, watter filters, electricity convertors.

18th June, 21h: MobileLabs Finissage
Peformance by Paula Pin & Daša Slavič; demonstrations of the MobileLabs by all participants


Day Journal:
Monday 17th: Day 5
* into the wild… and then to outer space


Sunday 16th: Day 5
IMG_1109* Packing the Mobile Labs and heading to Maribor
* BioKino Workshop at GT22
* Field trip to the 3 Lakes of Maribor City Park
* Tour of GT22 with SON:DA
* BioVJ Soirée with A/V performances, Harps, Voices and Deep µ-VJing

See impressions on fbook


Saturday 15th: Day 5
* Arrival of Stefania
* Lab-in-a-Box Workshop
* Finishing the Mobile Labs Prototypes


Friday, 14th: Day 5
* Arrival of Sachiko and Sarah


Thursday, 13th: Day 4
* 2nd Fieldtrip to Roznik, testing our first mobile lab prototypes
* DIY fridges
* USB powered µ-Gardens
* Pink Mobile Box Making


Wednesday, 12th: Day 3
* Arrival of loooaaads of new material and equipment for the BioTehna Lab II. All the stuff we got from the shut down Merck-Serono in Geneva. Free pipettes for all!
* Breakfast and PCBs, developing ideas for 2$ BabyGnusbuino environmental sensor that talks to your smart phone via sound
* introduction into the BioTehna infrastructure
* more hacking
* Informal presentations with the participants and Saša Spačal, remote skype presentation by Mackenzie Cowell, founder of DIYbio and GeneFoo.
* Benzin for Beer – After party at Cirkulacija2


Tuesday, 11th: Day 2
* Shopping
* hacking
* Glass breaking workshop
* incubator making
* UV Bug hunting in the garden
* Sausages & PCBs midnite session
* Ideas about a BabyGnusbuino-inna-Amphetamin-drugwipe-stick..


Monday 10th: Day 1
The lab is clean again, the first people arrived, both the Kapelica Gallery and the new BioTehna Lab II are ready to get hackathonized!

First discussion about projects:
* mobile OD-meters based on BabyGnusbuino 2 that can be connected to a smart phone.
* Zero-Power incubators relying on solar thermal absorbance and venting system
* the Arduino-in-a-Box


GaudiLabs starting MobileLabs Hackaton with an Outdoor-Mobile-WebCam-Microscopy-Session

The hackted webcam microscope is connected to a battery powered raspberry pi and a microbeamer to go out in the field with a very compact unit. Samples are taken from a restricted area and analyzed on spot. See the video:


OutdoorSession MobileLab Hackatin GaudiLabs

“MobileLabs Hackathon: 10 – 18. June For one week we will collaborate on ideas of Mobile Labs, Lab-in-a-Box, Environmental monitoring for off-grip field trips, artistic projects and transportability of living systems. See more on”

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  2. […] other life down there? To check this we went for a µ-Cave Safari, equipped with laser-projectors, MobileLabs, Plankton-Nets and other fun stuff to carry around in the muddy […]

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