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MobileLabs Hackathon: Call for Participation!

Join, Share, Make, Participate! see more details on the wiki:,_Ljubljana -> Call for Participation: Please register via meet-up or by mail to dusjagr Number of participants is limited to 12 in total! MobileLabs Hackathon: 10 – 18. June For one week we will collaborate on ideas of Mobile Labs, Lab-in-a-Box, Environmental monitoring for off-grip field […]


BioTehna is an open platform for interdisciplinary and artistic research on life sciences and a series of public workshops, each mentored by expert/s in a specific scientific field. The initiative started as a collaboration of hackteria | Open Source Biological Art and Kapelica Gallery. BioTehna Laboratory The BioTehna Lab is a place where we ignite […]

Packing and moving the BioTehna Lab

Meet and chat with us about the future of the new BioTehna Lab II on Tuesday, 4th June, 18h. After 8 months of running the BioTehna lab inside of Kiberpipa, we’ll have to move on and go upstairs into our new space. The new lab will be setup until the 18th of June, its the […]

Wine [making] and Disposable Camera [hacking] in L’Observatoire, Singapore

On my last day of my travel, I have the chance to visit L’Observatoire, an art and science space active in learning and sharing educational activities for the local communities in Singapore. I met Isabelle Desjeux who’s running the space when I was visiting an exhibition opening at Lasalle. Debbie Ding introduced me to her […]

“Home Made Bio Electronic Arts”

After 2 years of discussions with various people in the field of DIYbio, hackteria and BioArt, Dominik Landwehr and Verena Kuni published a new book in their HomeMade series. This time with the title “Home Made Bio Electronic Arts” they go some steps closer to interfacing the living world with DIY tinkering and electronics, easy […]

MolecularWurstMachine / Documentation of the SoftBots Workshop @ BioTehna, LJ

During the SoftBots workshop we will experiment with different liquids and gels in combination with small electronic circuits. The basic ingredients will be minimal electronic circuits that produce either small sounds or small pulsed movement. We will experiment how these can be combined with liquids by producing tiny waterproof housings, or expereminet with non conducting […]

SoftBots µ-Residency with Ralf Schreiber & derstrudel @ BioTehna, Ljubljana

SoftBots µ-Residency In a 4 day µ-Residency our guests, Ralf Schreiber & derstrudel (Christian Faubel), the Masters of Workshopology, together with dusjagr, are transforming the BioTehna Lab into a space for experimentation on minimal electronics and explore new grounds of combining their experiences with new bioinspired approaches of slimes, bugs, worms, biological oscillators, hydrogels or […]

Article on Biohackers in “Schweiz am Sonntag”

Zu Besuch bei den Biohackern im Gen-Labor, Schweiz am Sonntag, 5. Mai 2013 Von Raffael Schuppisser A two page article was just published in “Schweiz am Sonntag”, 5. May 2013. In-depth report about the activities of hackteria in GaudiLabs, Switzerland, and some other international activities around biohacking. download full article as Schweiz_am_Sonntag_2013-05-05_Biohacking.pdf