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Packing and moving the BioTehna Lab

Meet and chat with us about the future of the new BioTehna Lab II on Tuesday, 4th June, 18h.

After 8 months of running the BioTehna lab inside of Kiberpipa, we’ll have to move on and go upstairs into our new space. The new lab will be setup until the 18th of June, its the glass-chamber in the entrance of the Sou-building on Kersnikova 4. Being just next to the Kapelica Gallery will be most fruitful to bring a larger audience into our labs. For the moment we are packing all the BioArt/Hack Lab into boxes….


For now we have the following boxes:
* DIY bio lab
* Lab consumables
* BioTehna library
* Instruments and electronics
* Dangerious chemicals
* Bugs’n’Beasts
* Humalga algae
* BioCyberKidzz workshop box
* Oven and microwave

or see our not so up-to-date list of material

And this is the new space….

From BioTehna Lab II, the Mov(i)e. Posted by Marc Dusseiller Dusjagr on 6/03/2013 (17 items)

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