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MolecularWurstMachine / Documentation of the SoftBots Workshop @ BioTehna, LJ

During the SoftBots workshop we will experiment with different liquids and gels in combination with small electronic circuits. The basic ingredients will be minimal electronic circuits that produce either small sounds or small pulsed movement. We will experiment how these can be combined with liquids by producing tiny waterproof housings, or expereminet with non conducting liquids. Show & tell interdisciplinary hack-session with an electronic artist Ralf Schneider, a scientist on artificial intelligence and artist Christian Faubel and a DIYbio enthusiast Marc Dusseiller.
Thanks to Karl-Heinz Jeron for shooting and editing the video!

MolecularWurstMachine @ BioTehna, Ljubljana from dusjagr on Vimeo.

Thoughts and Experiences on Workshopology
After the quite experimental workshop on SoftBots and MolecularWurstMachines Christian and Ralf shared some of their experiences on doing workshop on various topics related to simple electronics and robotics. One of their key methodologies are focused on the social happening and creative jamming during their workshops. Some exampled of their workshops are posted here aswell.

DiscoBots for artists and geeks

Build a Robot — Be a Robot (5 days workshop for children)

build a robot — be a robot from christian faubel on Vimeo.

performance / presentation of the workshop build a robot — be a robot, part of the workshop program of clubtransmediale 2011, performed at hebbel am ufer, berlin


fft from werdeteil desgesamtwiderstandes on Vimeo.

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