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The Laboratory | Akademie Schloss Solitude – Dec 2016

For one week a group of biologists, hackers, musicians, artists and educators are gathering at a temporary lab being setup at the Akademie Schloss Solitude. During this gathering of people we are creating a spirit of curiosity, creativity and inspiration to practically explore modern techniques and tools of biology, discuss their role in society today and think about their historic roots in the alchemist’s kitchens of old times.


The Laboratory
During the first two days we are setting up a working place – a laboratory. All participants have brought their gadgets, tools How can we transform a studio in a castle into a usable space for collaboration, experimentation and discussion?

Research Nodes
Keywords: Alchemy, Laser-geeking II, Magkeolli, CRISPRle, BioReactor, Digital MicroFluidics, Synthesizers and Workshopology. More documentation will be available on the wiki and published as a zine (chrisperfibel).

Open Lab – Tuesday 16 – 19h
On the last afternoon of our Laboratory at the Akademie Schloss Solitude (Room 22) we are inviting friends, neighbors and the generally curious to join us. We will introduce you into the processes and experiments that we have explored and let you experience the spirit of curiosity that has been driving us. Short practical workshop on the different topics and presentations of the participants will give you an glimpse into our workings.


Yashas Shetty (IN)
Yashas is a musician and educator at the (Art)ScienceBLR, co-founder of Hackteria, . He is currently a fellow of Akademie Schloss Solitude and host of this laboratory gathering.

Urs Gaudenz (CH)
Urs has a background as a micro-engineer and innovation management and is considered the last founder of the global hackteria network. GaudiLabs, his open studio/lab in Luzern, has been one of the most important contributor of open source tools for DIY biologists and artists working with life science, aswell as small-scale manufacturing and home-business.

Dr. Stefan Deuber (CH)
Stefan is a photographer and dancer, formerly trained as a molecular biologist, he has recently started and managed a dance school in Zurich and is an active collaborator with GaudiLabs experimenting with modern tools of DIY biology.

Alessandro Volpato (IT)
Alessandro has a background in biology and is an active member of the BioTinkering community in Berlin. He is working in innovation in biology and citizen science.

Dr. Marc Dusseiller (CH)
Dusjagr is a nomadic researcher and workshopologist. He also loves coconuts.

Mary Tsang Maggic (US)
Artist-biologist, jungle-dweller, critical-learner, xeno-feminist, optimistic-fatalist, & proud-amateur, wavering between observer and doer. Currently she is interested in the biopolitics that determine governance and access, the range of sex, gender, and identity options enabled by biotechnology, and the diverse efforts of citizen scientists working to equalize the knowledge gap.

Wolfgang Spahn (DE)
Artists from Berlin. He loves music and experiments which creatively implements using open hardware.

Dr. Mirela Alistar (DE)
Researcher, computer scientists and active promoter of interdisciplinary and cross-cultural collaborations of DIY biology communities and academia.

Rüdiger Trojok (DE)
After finishing his studies in molecular biology, Rüdiger turned fully into community science, biohacking and political advisory on issues of science and society. He is active in Berlin with the BioTinkering community and develops new tools for digital biology and lab-automation.

Shai Heredia (IN)
Shai is an experimental documentary film maker, director of Experimenta and teacher of media and experimental film.

Romain Dewaele (CH)
Romain is a educator and biologist, currently developing workshop for public outreach at Bioscope and continuing his education in science communication.

Julian Chollet (DE)
Julian loves science and the sun.

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