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Make-Your-Own CRISPR-Babies, swissnex San Francisco, Feb 2019

dusjagr comes to San Francisco! Looking forward to meetup with old and new friends.

Join us on Thursday 21. Feb, 6:30pm till 9:30pm, for a public evening “LifeCycle | Creation: DIY Biology”: discussions, shows and questions at swissnex San Francisco with fellow biohackers, artists and scientist. CRISPR was sooooo 2015, we hack melons!

Swissnex SF has invited dusjagr, aka ambassador of the Global Hackteria Network, to host an event together as part of their year-long program “Life Cycle” bringing together artists, researchers, scientists and others to pose crucial questions about the future of creation, life, and death.


For a more intensive group workshop / performance we do a limited participants session on 22nd “Make Your Own CRISPR Baby”. Happy to work with Megan May Daalder and Adam Zaretsky again.

Join us for a deeper engagement on various methods of germline interventions. The germline is the river of heredity (i.e. sperm, ova, zygote) that you as a human are a part of. A gene from a non-human would need to be inserted into the river of humanity to make that person and their descendants interspecies transgenic. We will introduce DIY tools & toys for playful speculations on who, how and where we can envision our future offspring human /non-human watermelon inheritable post-species palettes. Through a collaborative and performative workshop, Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr, Megan Daalder and Adam Zaretsky, will guide the group throughout the evening.

Schedule: 6 – 9 pm, Friday 22nd Feb 2019

Impressions from the workshop

And how we got rid of it

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