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G.U.F. visits Lifepatch | Soil Biology Geeking and CO2 Respiration

Great opportunity of a spontanous visit by Matthew Daniel from G.U.F., Global Urban Forest, the uber-geek on tree health and soil health (see his shared experience on soil biology)

Global Urban Forest
Matthew Daniel of Global Urban Forest is an arborist passionate about tree health. He is working with our-sci to build a platform to efficiently track tree health using scientifically rigorous standards. He strongly believes this could decrease costs for city councils by identifying sick trees before they are too far gone, engage community groups by providing an open source platform for them to contribute useful data, and build a public repository of comparable, validated, and scientific quality tree health information.

Soil Biology Geeking and CO2 Respiration

Starting to document on the wiki

Testing dusjagr’s new CO2-Respiration Chamber and the BambooBox in the field

and chillin out…

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