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Introducing the HEXAtrode 0.1

The HEXAtrode is a DIY approach to making and using the concept of MicroElectrodeArrays (MEA) with an arduino, multiplexing and simple materials. With the goal to be able to measure an array of local electric potentials from living systems (electrically active cells, such as neurons, muscle, plants…)

What is Multiplexing
The arduino, for example, has 6 analog inputs. But if we want to measure more inputs we can multiplex them. Meaning we measure one input at the time using a chip (4051), which got 8 inputs which are then routed to one single input on the arduino. Read more about using the 4051 multiplexer/demultiplexer on the arduino playground.




Download the mask for PCB etching here:

How to make it

The HEXAtrode can be normally made using standard PCB photolithography and etching. make sure u got a good mask, cos the lines are pretty thin. In the next step, solder the 4051 on it, the thermometer TMP36 and either a connector or a flatband cable to it

Puredata Visualization


  1. Carlos on Tuesday 30, 2010


    You wouldn’t happen to have a schematic and/or Eagle files for this would you?

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