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Hackteria BioElectronix arduino-clone

For the use in various workshops the arduino platform has been proven to be very useful to introduce the participants into simple programming and physical computing. Both as a souvenir and inspiration, we have developed an arduino-clone, which can be soldered by hand in the course of 30 minutes and be kept and used by the participants. The circuitboard shows an intersting combination of aesthetics from electronics and living systems, exhibiting the shape of a single cell organism, including shapes of subcellular structures, which are used as electronic input/output pads, and generally inspires people to think transdisciplinary that electronics and living systems can be friends.

HACKTERIA_bioarduino_partsSoldering Instructions


HACKTERIA_bioarduino_legend2PIn layout

Mask design for etching


you can find an easy instruction on pcb etching everywhere on the web or here

Sample Code: BioHackteria Thermometer

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