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3rd meeting & Foundation of Swiss Public Biolab Network

It’s been more than 2 Years after the 2nd meeting at Bioscope, Geneva (see notes here) and we converged again, this time in Lugano, hosted by Ideatorio, USI.

Again we brought together actors in the field of public biology education, both from university run school labs, aswell as biohackers and pharma representatives.

Brief introductions and recent developements of the activities by the different labs:
* Interpharma – Science on Stage and other
* Bioscope – new workshops and citizen science projects
* Hackteria – recent collaborations, GOSH, BioFabbing, Biohack Retreat Klöntal
* GaudiLabs – Thirds place for a third culture
* Lab2rue – playing with worms
* Hackuarium – new P1 lab
* Life Science Learning Center, Zürich
* l’eprouvette – new workshops on soil, tree and more

And we decided to start a dedicated forum for the network on discourse!

And another try to found an official Verein! Only valid when wearing funny hats!

Photo Impressions

Hackteria’s Presentation:

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