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The Art of BioHacking | HEAD – Semaine de tous les possibles – Okt 2015

26 – 30. October 2015 – HEAD / Geneva

This course aims at students in the field of arst with a strong curiosity to go into interdisciplinary approaches, working with life itself as a medium, critical and participatory practices and of krosss the biological science and it’s subversive underground-counterpart termed “biohacking”.


Besides this curiosity, the workshops is very accessible to new-comers and will introduce the students into the most basic concepts of biology, show examples from the emerging field of bioart, aswell as biohacking strategies. Through a hands-on approach it allows the students to learn and experiment themselves to interface living media with (wo)man-made technical artefacts, explore it’s application for experimental living media with sound and video… and Learn How to Make Cheese! (… and Paneer!)

A detailed overview of the course is on the hackteria wiki.


See more impressions in dusjagr’s fbook and on the page by Dataclub Interaction, Head


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