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HTGAA with GaudiLabs and many more friends of the hackteria network

HTGAA – How To Grow (almost) Anything
The HTGAA is a part of the growing Academy of (almost) Anything, or the academany. HTGAA is a Synthetic Biology Program directed by George Church, professor of Genetics at Harvard medical school.

Seems they invited fablabs from all over the world to join (and pay) for this first prototype edition of a new class. The topics range from hard-core synthetic biology to engineering the human microbiome, aswell as tissue engineering and how to make biotic games, wetpong style.

An overview of all classes and material.

GLGEL – GaudiLabs Grows Everything Live
See the notes and homework from GaudiLabs and links to all other labs.


HTSBH – How To Set-up a Biolab at Home (or in a fablab)
Some old notes and list from our experience in BioTehna and of krroosss our large collection of Generic Lab Infrastructure


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