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MyOpenPCR Workshop @ BioTehna Lab – Ljubljana (SI)

Finally back in Ljubljana Urs, Oli and friends gave a workshop on how to build your own wild OpenPCR at BioTehna Lab.   BioTehna The participants, all with solid biotech background, learned about resistive heaters, thermoelectric cooling using peltier elements and thermo sensors. After 4 hours and heavy soldering actions we had 2 complete PCR […]

BioTehna Crew

Lab & Education Manager Kristijan Tkalec Kristijan has a diploma in biotechnology, was working in Hiša Eksperimentov (Ljubljana) co-founder of “akademia za radovedne” and is now the Lab & Education Manager in Biotehna and K3. His main goal is to connect open source bio-lab project with students and to create first bio-lab in Slovenia, where […]

Cave µ-Safari 2: Jama Mačkovica – Baits & Traps / Vizuaals & Soundzz

On 19-20. Oct 2013 we went out to a new cave, Jama Mačkovica, near Laze, Slovenia, this time equipped with upgraded mobile labs for getting microbial samples, setting up traps for attracting insects, making coffee and chicken and doing VJ and Sound sessions…. How to make simple insect traps Simple plastic (or glass) container, make […]

Interview with dusjagr on Radio Študent

Today dusjagr was invited for a 50 min interview/discussion to the studios of Radio Študent in Ljubljana. For 50 mintues we talked about dusjagr’s interdisciplinary works as a researcher, how he got involved in Slovenia through NanoŠmano, KIBLIX 2011 and BioTehna, and also the more recent activities on urban ecologies meets artist’s kitchen and cave […]

Urban Cuisine/Hunting Part 2: Nutria

It’s not a gun culture – It’s a food culture Coming soon… Nutria Preparatory Expeditions Urban Hunting – Session 2: Nutria from dusjagr on Vimeo. Last weekend we set out to Ljubljanica to investigate various habitats of the local Nutria species. A few hundred meters above Špica, we found a small canal, where there are […]

Urban Ecology meets Artist’s Kitchen

We are currently looking into various urban ecologies in the city of Ljubljana. Together with Dominik Mahnič, creator of the Artist’s Kitchen Youtube series, and friends we will explore various habitats and environments of urban life, and experimenting with traditional recipes for cooking and eating them. It’s curcial to plan and adapt your expeditions due […]

Cave µ-Safari in Vranja Jama

Last week we were doing the first expedition into the Karst caves around Ljubljana. While they are famous for their beautiful geological formations, the dark and cold waters of these caves are also the habitat of the Proteus anguinus, also called “Human Fish”. But is there more other life down there? To check this we […]

BioTehna at Sajeta festival

In the idyllic place, near the small city of Tolmin, there is a perfect place for festivals. Every year there are several festivals going on (MetalCamp, River Reggae Splash,…) and one of them is Festival Sajeta, where experimental music is met. And now, bio-hacking is part of it 🙂 We are doing some simple stuff. […]