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Urban Ecology meets Artist’s Kitchen

We are currently looking into various urban ecologies in the city of Ljubljana. Together with Dominik Mahnič, creator of the Artist’s Kitchen Youtube series, and friends we will explore various habitats and environments of urban life, and experimenting with traditional recipes for cooking and eating them.

It’s curcial to plan and adapt your expeditions due to the local weather…


During our first expedition on snail hunting we went to the the Ljubljana castle, the Ljubljanica canal and allotment gardens near Trnovo.

Follow our field notes and further readings on the urban cuisine wiki.

Umetnikova kuhinja | mestna jaga | polž

see the above instructional video to check what happened….


Schnegge Z’Nacht: Wednesday, 2nd October, 18h, BioTehna lab

Join us for a late afternoon “amuse-bouche d’artiste” at 18h in the BioTehna lab!


If you want to learn more about urban hunting, snail ecology and how artists can survive in urban environments, join us already in the afternoon for preparing and cooking the snails. Dominik Mahnič, creator of the Artist’s Kitchen Youtube series teams up with dusjagr, biohacker and formerly known as a movie maker with titles like “Hase Z’Nacht”. There will be various accompaning retro-musical 8-bit tunes by DJ Stahl


Coming soon… Nutria

“Urban Ecology meets Artists Kitchen”

From Snail Hunting – Session 1. Posted by Marc Dusseiller Dusjagr on 10/04/2013 (22 items)

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