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BioCyberKidzz @ Soft Control, Maribor

A great day of BodyHacking for Kids with Monika Pocrnjić (SI), Dr. Marc Dusseiller (CH), & Dr. Špela Petrič (SI) produded through BioTehna as part of Soft Control, November 2012 in Maribor. Short info Hacking the human body has become commonplace and many people have body modifications such as tattoos, piercings or even advanced medical […]

Extra Perception workshops with Tony Hall

On Saturday, 24th Nov, we had a great workshop with Antony Hall (UK), happening in the BioTehna lab, in Ljubljana. see more on the wiki. and details about Ganzfeld sensory deprivation experiment, the rubber hand experiment, and the Fish_simulater brain hack circuit find some ideas also here.. Impressions from the Workshop on various facebook pages

hackteria “skype my gel” @ Dock18, Zürich

Tonight, 9. November, starting 21h CET, we are giving a remote mini-workshop on edible DIY gel electrophoresis from the new BioTehna Lab, to our friends in Zürich. Dock18 has an interesting night of “Kleine Experimente” with various speakers on the topic of Art&Science: Jill Scott, Soren Berner, Dragica Kahlina, Daniel Fels, Urs Gaudenz and Hackteria […]

Interview in ABSTRAKT N°8

In the recent edition of ABSTRAKT N°8 “The Power of Making – Machen ist Macht”, there was an interview with dusjagr about hackteria and other biotinkering activities. ABSTRAKT is published by the W.I.R.E.. Download the expert in English WIRE_ABSTRAKT_8_2012_E_Dusseiller Download the expert in German WIRE_ABSTRAKT_8_2012_Deutsch