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hackteria “skype my gel” @ Dock18, Zürich

Tonight, 9. November, starting 21h CET, we are giving a remote mini-workshop on edible DIY gel electrophoresis from the new BioTehna Lab, to our friends in Zürich. Dock18 has an interesting night of “Kleine Experimente” with various speakers on the topic of Art&Science: Jill Scott, Soren Berner, Dragica Kahlina, Daniel Fels, Urs Gaudenz and Hackteria (remote). We present live from the BioTehna Lab, which is temporarily set up in Kiberpipa the concept of Agar is the Media, a DIY gel electrophoresis chamber to run food colors in an agar agar gel. Yummi, and then we’ll eat it!

Prequel on edible burnt agar

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