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BioCyberKidzz @ Soft Control, Maribor

A great day of BodyHacking for Kids with Monika Pocrnjić (SI), Dr. Marc Dusseiller (CH), & Dr. Špela Petrič (SI) produded through BioTehna as part of Soft Control, November 2012 in Maribor.

Short info
Hacking the human body has become commonplace and many people have body modifications such as tattoos, piercings or even advanced medical prosthetics. Simple and playful body hacks that allow enhancing our human performance can be made with just few and cheap materials, such as cardboard, magnets and LEDs. In this playful laboratory setting we will investigate with the children: hearing with a Bio-Acoustics Ear and hacking their touch perception by the Magnetic Finger or a Disco-on-a-Fingertip and finally explore a Photosynthetic Skin.

see some of the info on the hackteria wiki. and a full list of materials to such workshops here.

Even the Slovenian newspaper Delo got interested in our BodyHacking activities, see their article online.

Impressions of the workshop, 27. Nov, 2012

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