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An Idiot’s Electrodibles Workshop – 22. Nov 2020

Description Electrodible workshop offers an experiment with “edible” hardware that explores the limits of interaction of our body/tongue with electronic circuits and food. This probe into the edible hardware is also a celebration of the DIY culture of sharing behind cooking, but also Open Source Hardware that bridges the divisions between the kitchen, the hardware […]

Hackteria X Why ZET

Workshops, Discussions, Fanzines and Memorabilia Saturday & Sunday 11 / 12. July 2020 HLabX was a series of residencies and concentrated gatherings of people working transdisciplinary who are interested in creative biological fields and any other areas which intrigue the critical interaction across art and science. It was held over the last 12 months with […]

MedTech DIY is ongoing @FabLab Luzern, HSLU

We are happy to have the third round of our Winterschool on MedTech DIY, hosted in the FabLab Luzern, HSLU. A group of 26 students from different backgrounds are spending 6 days of prototyping, experimenting, sharing and learning together to explore creative approaches to medical technologies using DIY methodologies and the fablab infrastructures of 3D-printers, […]

DIY Microscope Workshop – BAFU Kadertagung

Hackteria was invited to hold a workshop (27. November 2019) at the conference of the federal office for environment’s (FOEN also known as BAFU) annual CEO meeting. As a collaboration of Maya Minder (GFB) and Felix Bänteli ( we have introduced various regional educational community efforts that work on the digital-, food-, media- and bio-technology […]


Hackteria coordinated a Temporary Autonomous Laboratory during the early phase of “1000 Ecologies” inviting international researchers, artists and entrepreneurs as participants. The lab as a temporary construction should allow researchers from the fields of biology and engineering to collaborate with artists and so create links between the “two cultures”, the human sciences and the arts. […]

HUMUS.Sapiens in Paris

We have been invited to present HUMUS.Sapiens in Paris during the event Seeds&Soils hosted by the Centre Culturel Suisse. During the Symposium we held a workshop on “Open Soil Research” by Julian Chollet, An Article in Makery by Ewen Chardronnet has been published in French about the workshop.

Make-Your-Own CRISPR-Babies, swissnex San Francisco, Feb 2019

dusjagr comes to San Francisco! Looking forward to meetup with old and new friends. Join us on Thursday 21. Feb, 6:30pm till 9:30pm, for a public evening “LifeCycle | Creation: DIY Biology”: discussions, shows and questions at swissnex San Francisco with fellow biohackers, artists and scientist. CRISPR was sooooo 2015, we hack melons! Swissnex SF […]

G.U.F. visits Lifepatch | Soil Biology Geeking and CO2 Respiration

Great opportunity of a spontanous visit by Matthew Daniel from G.U.F., Global Urban Forest, the uber-geek on tree health and soil health (see his shared experience on soil biology) Global Urban Forest Matthew Daniel of Global Urban Forest is an arborist passionate about tree health. He is working with our-sci to build a platform to […]