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Upcoming activities towards the end of 2020

Series of Workshops in Hackteria ZET – OpenScience Lab

Sterile Encounters – Workshop / Performance with Maya Minder – 6th December

Plant Traces on Textile – Workshop by Corinna Mattner – 10 & 13 December

MycoLove -Workshop by Ale Crimi and Maya Minder – 19th December

RandoGeneCode – remote Workshop for rC3 by Adam Zaretzky – 27-30th December

Other Workshops by various communities

Biohacking 101 Learning Group

We started again with the Biohacking 101 class offered by The-Odin. A nice young group of enthusiasts from various backgrounds now comes together regularly and booting up our lab activities.

Hackteria Global Network assembly at rC3 – remote Chaos Communication Congress

Get involved and join our dicsussion on the forum to setup a programme together!

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