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“Getting on Plant’s Nerves” workshop at HAIP, Ljubljana, SLO

Hackteria open DIY BIOLAB @ HAIP, 24 – 26 Nov, 2010, Kiberpipa, Ljubljana

Collaborative and open workshop on making generic lab equipment for electronic sensing and visual observation of living systems using hacked consumer electronics and simple do-it-yourself methods.

As a collaboration of Dr. Marc Dusseiller, Nanoscientist/Artist, Dr. Špela Petrič, Biochemist/Artist and Dr. Andrej Meglič, Electrophysiologist, we are combining our expertises in this research based workshop to develop new application of our DIY tools, such as the hacked webcam microscope in combination with self-made pipette electrodes.

This workshop will teach you how to make glass micropipette electrodes which can be used for different purposes, from measuring the osmolarity of solutions to determining electrochemical membrane potentials of living cells. In addition we we also teach you how to transform cheap webcams or the PS3 eye into useful microscopes to observe the pipette measurement in a close-up view.

The workshop, 24 – 26 nov, is set as a process based research lab and is open for everybody to join and contribute to our experimentations. On the last day of the workshop, friday 26th nov, we will conduct a introductory course on the developed methods.

Notes and journal of the workshop can be found on the wiki

Final Experiments


arduino and pd patches



Impressions from the workshop

some info on the HAIP page

Video of first experiments with the Plant SMELA

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