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Hackteria talk @ Indonesia Bricolabs

During cellsbutton#04, i was invited for a presentation about the recent developments in the hackteria project. The session was from the Indonesia Bricolabs, innovator presentations, with a radio stream that was followed by several Brico-members in Taganga, Columbia. The session could be followed in IRC chat for Bricolabs.

I presented a talk about “Hackability of Abundant Consumer Electronics for
Bio-Sensing and Lab-Automation”, showing recent work on using the PS3 eye hacked into a microscope, for more quantitative experimentations and also the hacked optical mouse for detection and counting of microorganisms. you can download the slides here:

In addition there were talks by the Insada, a local activist and IT/network community, about their activities in a village in Asmat settlements in Papua during 2009, bringing VoIP to under-developed areas in Indonesia. The final talk was by Arifin Wicaksono from Biochemicals, a start-up company working on environmentally friendly paint.


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