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Hackteria Swiss Apéro, 18th Jan, Zürich

after 5 years of activities of the hackteria framework, a global network of enthusiasts in bridging biology with art, hacking and DIY strategies, we would love to invite you all for local get-together with the regional people in Switzerland.

All of you have participated, contributed and shared interest in our recent activities, and we would like to have a discussion about future ideas and intensifying the hackteria activities locally in Switzerland.

Hackteria Swiss Apéro
Saturday, 18th January 2014
17h, Atelier Anorg, Hohlstrasse 612, Zürich / Altstetten

We see many opportunities to coorganize more events around BioArt and Biohacking, workshops, hackathons and sprints during 2014, we have already secured small funding and are aiming at more in the next couple of weeks. we are really interested to hear from all of you in what topics you are interested, if you are interested to help us getting some of these events off the ground, or even have your own plans of similar activities.

during the last year, we had various events in Luzern, at GaudiLabs, also hack-sprints in Lausanne with Sachiko, in her Atelier HiroKouri, aswell as trapping and cheese making sessions in Hagen, Schaffhausen, and workshops at various art/science/tech schools around Switzerland, see our websites and facebook.
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we will also use the opportunity to show all of you some of our international projects, HackteriaLab 2013 in India and the upcoming edition of HackteriaLab 2014 in Yogyakarta, our activities with Kapelica in Ljubljana, the setup of the new BioTehna Lab, and other projects of Urban Hunting and Cave µ-Safaries.

we are really looking forward, bring your friends!

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