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Hacked bioLED full instructions

I finally got around of writing a proper instructions for the bioLED hacking workshop. This mini-workshop is great to be done also at clubs, late at night. All you need is some fresh plankton / daphnia cultures, which can be usually purchase in a pet-shop as life food for aquarium fish. Then you need the following:
* insulating tape
* a knife
* grinding paper of different roughness
* some containers, pipettes and dishes
* a CR2025 battery
* an LED

Grind, tape, hunt
Get some nice LED, whatever color you like. Somehow the RGB color changing LEDs give the best sharpness of the daphnia projection, because the emitting areas are super small inside the LED. Now grind down the LED to make it flat, to approximately 1 mm above the diodes/electronics inside. Then polish it as good as possible, until its nice and clear again. Check with the battery, if its still working, if you grind too much you might have filed away the electroncs… start again. Add battery and tape it tightly, best to use slightly elastic insulation tape. Cut a 3mm wide tape and stick it around the LED to create a dish/pot. Go hunting….
Try to suck up as many daphniae in a small drop using a pipette. Because daphnia are attracted to light, they might concentrate at one side of the dish facing the sunlight (or add a strong light white source from the side and wait a bit). Add the drop of fresh pondwater containing the daphniae. Enjoy….

Grow your own daphnia at homestep_03_grow_plankton
To make sure you keep a stock of plankton / daphnia alive you can build a simple window farm. More info on Daphniaology can be found on the wiki. U can usually find fresh daphnia in spring and summer in any kind of natural pond. If you want to have a larger quantity try to go around in your local pet shops and ask for fresh life food. Then build a little cupboard next to your window, and maybe stick some diffusor on the window to protect the cultures from too strong direct sunlight

Example Videos
Enjoy your bioVisuals

Daphnia bioLED hack from dusjagr on Vimeo.

bioVJ-ing at the VideoStammtisch in Baden, 21. April 2012

bioLED visuals @ VideoStammtisch, Baden from dusjagr on Vimeo.

Advanced BioLED Hacking at HägarSpace in Biel

Advanced BioLED Hacking at HägarSpace in Biel from Pije.

Step by Step on fbook

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  2. adriana on Sunday 22, 2012

    wasserflohdiskoleinwandhack! i löv!

  3. Myeh on Sunday 22, 2012

    Cooking little animals alive in projector #questionable

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