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#GynePunk – Remote Node Helvetia @ GaudiLabs

While in the Anarchgland-PechBlenda GynePunk Lab is going on, we are joining in as a remote node to collaborate on DIY technologies for fluidic analysis of various bodily secretions, experiments on the Wild OpenQCM, surface modifications for the Fluxl / electrowetting devices and other hacks.

EXOglands radical dynamics: fluid, tissues & bloody self-aware enhancement bionicLAB Another Pechblenda Tentacle Klau + Pin

Extreme own-body cognition, Anarchagland (female eyaculation) & male prostate, decolonial anatomy of pleasure. Unveil taboos with DIY biolab techniques, DIT science & medical hacks reverse engineering. A transdisplinary collaboration based on health issues of colectives who have been marginalized by the desensitized treatment of anything deemed promiscuous & contentious. Grassroots sexual politics empowerment.

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For 3 weeks another pechblenda tentacle was born as part of Softcontrol open call.

Remote Node Helvetia has started NOW !!!


First Experiments on Urine Analysis

#gynepunk urine analysis of gaudi's pee

A video posted by Marc Dusseiller Dusjagr (@dusjagr) on

People coming in…
* Gaudi HIMSELF | GaudiLabs
* Kris | BioTehna
* Stijn Ossevoort | HSLU /
* dusjagr | Hackteria International Ambassador – just got back from the GynePunk Lab in Barcelona
* Sachiko Hirosue |
* Andreas Rudolf
* Boris Magrini
* Michel Perez & friends
* Felix Bänteli & friends
* … and more

The GaudiLabs is open for everybody !!!

Experiments on the Wild OpebQCM connected to the Open Theremin

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