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CocoMake7 – A “jugaad” improved and low-cost Makey Makey based on Coconuts

An ongoing project from the Center for Alternative Coconut Research.

See documentation on the wiki

And slowly updating some code on GitHub

Design Concept and Prototypes


Playing the CocoMake7 as a sampler

Sausage Synth – CocoMake7 controlling a synth on puredata






  1. […] is part of the cocomake7… and will hopefully work soon. At the moment it can read in 24 of the pins. All values can be […]

  2. […] sensing USB device. An update on the ATtiny based cocomakey, as a 32-bit version/descendant of the Cocomake7. To learn more about ARM dev, STM32 peripherals and compare results with the AVR and teensy based […]

  3. […] two ATtiny85 based versions of the cocomakey have been soldered and […]

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