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advanced bioLED hacking

Grind down an LED flat. Add battery and tape it tightly. Mount 4-mm wide tape around the LED to create a dish. Add a drop of fresh pondwater containing daphnia.

Various prototype models

yeah maybe the instructions above is to short 🙂

but it is really super simple. you grind down an LED all the way almost to the little electrodes inside. maybe 1 mm above or less you stop grinding and start polishing with different grained sandpaper.

you end up with point light source. just try it out now and put some stuff between the hacked led and the light cone on some projection wall. its the same as with a candle and making shadow games with your hands.

for the daphnia container, you need some wall around the led to hold the drop. i just used simple tape, kinda insulation tape, rubbery. but all should work. i just taped it around the circumference, so its about 2-3 mm high. and it creates something like a little pot, jar.

then get some daphnia, fish one out with a pipette and put into the potLED, enjoy the projection.

yvind’s torch hacked

Video Example
advanced bioLED hacking – Daphnia-on-LED Projector on vimeo

  1. Ana on Sunday 11, 2011

    Could you post more precise instructions? I did not understand how this works…thanks!

  2. […] I finally got around of writing a proper instructions for the bioLED hacking workshop. This mini-workshop is great to be done also at clubs, late at night. All you need is some […]

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