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Antony Hall

Antony Hall is a multidisciplinary artist who investigates biological and physical phenomenon, the behavior of liquid or animals, and the physicality of sound.

This takes the form of long-term research projects, residencies, performance, electro-acoustic sound art. Often working within contexts such as universities and museums, in collaboration with scientists.

My working process involves locating and identifying behaviors and developing control structures [devices & instruments] within which certain unique, special events can exist. Essentially these take the form of ‘tabletop experiments’. I construct assemblages as discrete environments which function as systems, [electrical, biological or chaotic] presenting active processes. They are created in order to sustain or nurture a particular event, for example; a vortex in a coffee cup, or the life of microorganisms in a droplet of water. These ‘tabletop’ works assimilate phenomena which, being susceptible to change within themselves and the environment that directly surrounds them, require to be nurtured. Through presenting active investigative processes, the work is a continuous play on potential failure and possible solution. Where failure is as important as resolution.

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