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Interview in MCD#68

An interview with Marc Dusseiller has been published in French and English in the recent edition of MCD#68 THE OPEN FUTURE. The interview was done by Sara Tocchetti, and re-edited together with Denisa, Marc and Andy.

from the interview:
“Hackteria is a network of people practicing DIY (do-it-yourself) biology with an interest in art, design and interdisciplinary cooperation. The network was founded in 2009 by Yashas Shetty, Andy Gracie and Marc Dusseiller and now includes not only scientists, engineers and artists, as you would expect, but also philosophers, entrepreneurs, and even foodies and chefs. Hackteria operates on a global scale, and is based on a web platform and a wiki for sharing knowledge, which enable anyone to learn but also test different ways of hacking living systems. Hackteria is not based in a physical space, and its goal is to allow artists, scientists and hackers to collaborate and test various biohacking and bioart techniques outside the official laboratories and art institutions, basically anywhere in the world.”

MCD68_cover Excerpts from the Art/Sci section (download it here), with stuff about DIYbio, Critical Art Ensemble, Hackteria and La Paillasse:
“There is no field of knowledge production in which belonging to an institution is as important as it is in science. Or maybe there was. The so-called ivory tower of science, from where scientists isolated from society would produce and distribute their knowledge to the people, has proven bogus decades ago.”
“If we had more public labs, places where art, hacking and citizen biology converge and contaminate each other, more people would acquire specific critical skills to understand and interact with the life sciences. Or, in the worst-case scenario, we would have lots of fun.” – Alessandro Delfanti

Download the magazine (9.-€) on OPEN WORLD – FREE CULTURE for free here.

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