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Wild OpenPCR and Polymorphism Workshop @ GaudiLabs – 14 & 15 Feb 2017

Going on now in GaudiLabs, Luzern, Suisse! Stay tuned for more info about the processes and experiments, discussions and great food together. Find more about the wild Open PCR on the wiki Documentation For the documentation of the event and lab-notebook, Stefan has been exploring the use of the online platform

Hackteria @ MFRU/Kiblix Festival

To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved. ~ George MacDonald Hackteria was invited, together with the Swiss Mechatroinc Art Society (SGMK) to the International Festival of Computer Arts 2016 in Maribor Slovenia (Mednarodni festival računalniške umetnosti MFRU). Movies and objects were shown in the Galerie Media Nox.  

MyOpenPCR Workshop @ BioTehna Lab – Ljubljana (SI)

Finally back in Ljubljana Urs, Oli and friends gave a workshop on how to build your own wild OpenPCR at BioTehna Lab.   BioTehna The participants, all with solid biotech background, learned about resistive heaters, thermoelectric cooling using peltier elements and thermo sensors. After 4 hours and heavy soldering actions we had 2 complete PCR […]

Hack a Taq – 6, 7, 13 April, Lausanne

Hack-a-Taq, 6,7&13 April 2013 Swiss Meet-Up of the Hackteria network in Lausanne. Join us to discuss biohacking and DIY biology, help us setting up a new community bio-lab, have fun with self-made PCR thermocyclers and open-sourced Taq polymerases. Contact: Sachiko Objectives 1. test the Wild OpenPCR machine (gaudilabs) 2. hack the Taq isolation protocol from […]

Algae Hacking @ GaudiLabs

GaudiLabs open its doors for some Algae Hacking, 9. – 13. Juni 2012, Luzern, Switzerland. “The algae are growing and as I discuss with some of you before I would like to invite you all to a algae hacking session at GaudiLabs in Lucern this weekend. I have built a very basic incubator and have […]

DIY Microscopy Bio Visuals

The one day hackteria workshop held in Lucern was a big success. We made several beautiful stages from laser cut kits, went out to find microorganisms in the near surrounding and improvised live visuals during the amazing concert of Bit-Tuner and Simon Berz. Here some recordings with animals (what is it?) and blood from the […]

Hackteria Microscopy and Visuals Workshop in Lucern (CH)

After a successful start in the year 2012 with a big water bear found in the moss of lucern we continue right away with a microscopy workshop Saturday, January 14th. The workshop starts at 10am in the Zollhaus (tollhouse) a new off-space in Lucern. We hope to have some visuals running on the various beamers […]

Updates on the NanoFabrik

How it started… Hackteria BioBot See how to build a DIY Micro Dispensing and Bio Printing on the wiki. DIY micro-LaserCutter See how to build a DIY Micro Laser Cutter on the wiki Application for DIY microfluidics See how to use the DIY Laser Cutter to make advanced microflduidic devices by casting PDMS on lasercut […]